India & Nepal – Sept/October

Follow the Link below and see our route!

So the start of our great adventure!  And we return to India – the country that inspired our wander lust.  This time no Trinetra Tours, instead Bailey Tours Inc, so goodness only knows how it will all turn out – only time will tell.  We fully intend to visit Nepal despite the two earthquakes as we feel it would be wrong to back out now as the Nepalese need all of our support.  So, to read our Blog updates, click on the “drop down” facility under India & Nepal – Sept/October and we will report on our Indian and Nepalese Adventures.


5 thoughts on “India & Nepal – Sept/October

  1. Barry Sutlieff

    Fully agree with all your comments about India. Kerala was Linda’s favourite, Tamil Nadu Barry’s . But we have always said the most wonderful thing about India is its people – you clearly agree.
    Very pleased you had a great time.
    Barry and Linda

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  2. Tania Sutlieff

    I loved the craziness of Delhi. Walked all over it. Look forward to your next post. And nothing like a 7 hour train journey to help you ‘fall back in’! Happy travels.

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  3. Tania

    We’re waiting ….

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    • Hi Tania…..thanks for your post. We have arrived safely in India after transiting through Dubai courtesy of Emirates. Delhi still as crazy as ever with afternoon temperatures hitting 38C. Will next post in a couple of days time – we have a seven hour train journey on Thursday to Amritsar,so will start to compose my thoughts then assuming we have seats!. By the way and here is the teeze, you were right about falling out “from time to time….”


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