What are YOU doing?

We really want to hear what you are doing and what you’ve been up to.  So please leave your comments below and share with us your thoughts. Thanks, MASTERS!!


6 thoughts on “What are YOU doing?

  1. Thank youu for writing this


  2. Bonjour Messieurs Dames, comment allez vous depuis le temps ?
    We met in chitwan, very exciting jungle. Now we are in India, Hampi, Karnataka. You can see what we exactly done at http://www.tdm1516.wordpress.com
    You have a really nice blog, with interesting contents, some private jokes we don’t understand, and nice pics. Have fun! Marine et Antoine


    • Hi Marine et Antoine. Ca va! Merci beaucoup pour votre aimable note . Nous espérons que vous rencontrez un grand voyage à travers l’Inde . Nous allons vérifier votre blog dès que possible . Bon voyage. Meilleurs voeux – Mark et Sarah


  3. Amy

    I read the article about Nepal and India – I like how it’s written! Good job. And amazing pictures – good shots. I’m looking forward to read more about your journey.

    I’m so impressed by what you’re doing, this is living, this is what we are all supposed to do. Leaving the system and enjoy life. Good on you guys.

    Hope you enjoy Pokhara and the Everest flight!


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    • Hi Amy

      It was lovely meeting you in Chitwan. Thanks for checking in. We hope you have a fantastic trip back to Indonesia and then home to CH. Good luck with your medical career. We know who to contact should we ever be in the Zurich area.

      best wishes

      Mark and Sarah


  4. have a great trip!

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