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MARK:  “You’ll need a break after a few weeks of travelling – a little holiday!”

I remember the You Tube video very clearly.  Some grey haired 50 year olds spouting forth about their World Travels.  It was one of many videos we watched, from how to maximise space in a back pack, through to how to have a wee on a bus, without being seen!  All in the name of research.

I remember thinking at the time “you’re on bxxxxy holiday for Godsake, get a grip, you don’t need a break….”

WRONG.  We do, we’re tired, we need a break.

It’s a bit like a teacher working hard for a term and then needing a holiday to re-group.  A hotel salesman giving it his all in the pursuit of business.  A TRL Communications Manager, constantly on the phone to members of the press 12 hours a day.

Sarah – as recently reported – has been really ill.  I now have my third cold in three months.


We’re not complaining, we chose this gig and it is amazing.  But it is knackering.  And to try and illustrate why we feel like we do, check out the latest stats below, 95 days in to our 254 day trip.

It seems to add up....

It seems to add up….

Yes, we’re sad arses.  In Sarah’s little black book, kindly given to us by Lois and Keith Pope, we record all sorts of things from modes of travel to how much we spend on laundry.  The stats above are 100% correct.

So this blog is not about another war, people we have met or deep philosophical issues.

This is about us “chilling” (to use that “current word”) in southern Thailand.  Sarah is better at it than me.  She can sunbathe for at least two hours – my best is 13 minutes, 22 seconds.  I have been swimming though.  My fat white body has shocked and scared a number of local people as I have rarely taken my shirt off ever since getting severely burnt in Anglesey back in August 1970.  Once burnt never forgotten!

So a few postcard shots from a couple of days “island hopping” near Krabi, followed by two photos of the Emerald Pool we visited this morning.  We got there early and had the place to ourselves for over 45 minutes.  Bliss, nearly as nice as Whitby….. I said nearly!

Life's a beach!

Life’s a beach!










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