She gave us her last piece of newspaper and called me….. “My English Brother”

Mark: Time 0640 Platform 14, New Delhi Station. Crackling over the 1950s style loud speaker: “We regret to announce that train 12497 the Shane Punjab Express is running two hours forty minutes late. This delay is very regrettable”. …

We had been on the station since 0600 ready to navigate the largest station in the World. Each train consisting of over 20 carriages (500m) in length with early morning commuters literally hanging on to carriage roofs, jammed in every door way and clinging for dear life on to anything that moved.

So that was that then! The sea of Indian faces looked resigned to a long wait. “This happens all the time” said an old Indian gentleman, his head wobbling from side to side, reminiscent of the chap in the 1970s sitcom “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”. I nodded and asked if he had ever travelled recently by South West Trains…

Next to us on the platform was a small family. A you girl, aged around 16 came up to me and explained that the train had not been cancelled – good news – but had been rescheduled for 0930. She smiled, went to her Mother and came back with two steaming cups of Chai – sweet tea consisting of tea, ginger and cinnamon. She offered them to us both. A touching moment.

And so we had met some new friends. Garima Dahiya’s family – Mother, Grandmother, Auntie and Niece were all travelling on our train to Amritsar and planning, like us to visit the Golden Temple and attend the Border Ceremony. Suddenly she started delving in her pocket. Out came a plastic cellophane bag with a friendship bracelet inside – a red and yellow wrist band made out of string and beads. “In India, sisters give special bracelets to their brothers for safekeeping. I do not have a brother. But you are now my English Brother!” She then promptly gave me her last bit of newspaper so that Sarah and I could sit on the filthy platform beside her family! There were no seats.

This family did not have much, but what they had, they shared. No questions asked, nothing wanted in return. I was embarrassed and humbled and promptly marched off to the kiosk on the station, jossled my way through the crowds of people and bought a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate, a Kinder Egg a lollipop and some chewing gum. I distributed them around the family and we had a strange, early morning breakfast, in full view of a man relieving himself off the station edge right in front of us. He was, quite literally “taking the pxxx”!

FOOTNOTE ADDED NEXT DAY TO THIS BLOG:  UNBELIEVABLE – we were walking away from the Wagha Border ceremony the next day.  The crowd of 10,000 people left.  We had been in the “VIP” Section because of our British Passports and left in the twilight.  Who should shout out, “Mark, Mark”?  Yes you guessed it.  My Indian family!  What were the chances of that?  See the end photo on this blog.

The man we had to thank for booking all of our trains in India we’d met 12 hours earlier at our hotel for lovely vegetarian curry. Mahendra is the General Manager of Trinetra Tours. It was his company that had looked after us so well on our visit to India in 2014 when we had a bit more of a budget to spend on hotels and travel. Trinetra is a superb company which puts customer service first. They are professional and just lovely people. Mahendra and his family are now our friends and looked after our Frimley friends Richard and Tricia Daw so well earlier this year when they came on holiday to India. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you EVER go to this wonderful county, I am of course happy to pass on tips. BUT do, through me contact Mahendra at Trinetra Tours- as you will have the trip of a lifetime. And irrespective of what you spend, be it £100 (10,000 INR) or £10,000 (1,000,000 INR) you will receive a superb value for money service. Trust me, I used to be a tour operator.

As I shook Mahendra’s hand to say good bye, we promised to return again one day and repay his generous hospitality when he comes to England whenever that may be. Namaste!

My Indian Sister

My Indian Sister and my new friendship bracelet

Team India! Sarah's on the right...

Team India! Sarah’s on the right…



We meet again - this time amongst a crowd of 10,000 at the Indian/Pakistan Border. Coincidence??

We meet again – this time amongst a crowd of 10,000 at the Indian/Pakistan Border. Coincidence??

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12 thoughts on “She gave us her last piece of newspaper and called me….. “My English Brother”

  1. garima dahiya

    yes it was truely amazing and unbeleivable mark brother. i am really proud to have a brother from england and i guess you too to have a huge family in india. its amazing how i got a brother a lovely and my family is waiting for you in delhi and this time its going to be fun.

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    • Dear Garima my “Indian Sister” I am so pleased that you have found our blog and that you and your family returned safely to Delhi. Sarah and I look forward to seeing you again soon and remember, you will always be welcome at our house in England. Take care Mark (English Brother) and Sarah (English Sister).


  2. Ian

    Wonderful. I sense a travelogue bestseller in the making – along the lines of Highway Hokkaido Blues or A walk in the Woods

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  3. Dennis and Gwen

    Mark and Sarah.Just brilliant. Very reassuring. We will definitely do a blog for Weymouth next year.What a lovely family–smiling faces are what we most remember about India.Nepal–can your holiday manager keep the clouds well away from majestic Everest. Look forward to next report. Love,Mum and Dad.

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  4. What a great start. Kindness is the best gift from anyone.

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  5. Claire

    Well, you have done it tonight – I’ve tears in my eyes! CX

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  6. Joy Bailey

    But for that hold up at the station you may never have met that lovely generous family and gained an Indian sister (lovely photo) and a very touching experience. M and D

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  7. Terrific stuff. The guy in the red turban picture would definitely get a ten at the camera club!
    Just hoping we still have wi-fi in Greece after the 20th for two weeks otherwise, we are going to miss a big chunk of this amazing adventure. Sue Perkins was on the box last night in Kolkata, and this has an amazing parallel ring about it, especially the Chai bit.
    Brilliant, keep up the good work, travel safe and thanks for sharing this with us.

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  8. Steve Lewis

    What a great experience!

    Must get to India soon!


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  9. Tricia

    How humbling indeed! Brilliant.
    Great photos. And yes we too would really recommend Trinetra Tours.
    Really been enjoying the Bbc programmes on India. The railway station at Mumbai is amazing.
    Enjoy Amritsa. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.

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  10. Steve Eungblut

    brilliant narrative – really enjoyed it! Steve

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