Art Deco Festival Draws Record Crowds

We did not expect to blog again so soon after the last missive…. however, our visit to Napier coincided with their annual Art Deco weekend and they sure put on a show to remember!

Few words. Lots of pictures. Historic NZ town.

On Tuesday 3 February 1931 Napier, in common with most of the Hawke’s Bay district, suffered a disastrous earthquake 2.5 minutes in length. The earthquake rocked the town almost totally levelling all buildings in the inner city, killing 162 people (a total of 258 in the Hawke’s Bay area), and raising some areas of land by as much as 8 feet. Some 4,000 hectares of sea-bed became dry land and today this sites not only the airport, but also residential and industrial property developments. The extensive rebuilding that took place in the 1930’s is the reason for the Art Deco flavour in the City. SOURCE: City of Napier website.























If you are even remotely into Art Deco, go to Napier… forget Miami!

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6 thoughts on “Art Deco Festival Draws Record Crowds

  1. Steve Norcliffe

    Our favourite photo is the Jack Vettriano – 3 men and 2 ladies look out to sea.
    They are all excellent and certainly brightened our Sunday, like troytempest2015.
    Steve and Jo



    One of the things I really love about NZ is that it is a bit of a time warp. There is a bit of a ‘Darling Buds of May’ TV show atmosphere. Things are on a more human scale, less emphasis on high tech, life seems a bit slower and more manageable. I really loved a ‘water park’ I went to in about 2003 with kids aged 11 & 8 – which consisted of about 15 different activities to do with water, which had been put up by a couple who ran it as a tourist attraction. About 10 acres of forested land, there was a pair of bikes and if you cycled really hard you’d pump out a stream of water from a hose and by using the danlebars direct it onto a statue in the lake. Also a really long 4 inch channel at elbow height that ran across the landscape between the trees and you could put a little boat in it and run alongside and see which one won. Lorry tires which you could swing out over a creek in. Just lovely family fun, very uncrowded and low key. A far cry from the queues and screams at Alton Towers! I loved the invention aspect too. That’s in the Coromandel peninsula if your are going there. Also check out soaking in hot spring water looking out over the lake at Rotorua.



    As Malcolm said, your pics so brought back the memories. Did you by chance eat at The Emporium Bar in Napier. We really liked this place. And did you go out to Cape Kidnappers and see the gannets? Sorry, so many questions. So glad to know that you are loving your time in NZ.


  4. Just a thought Congratulations on the six month marker; Well done on still being sat on the same plane together, Bravo on persevering with the wonderful blog, And what is most impressive is that you are still continuing to find, absorbing and enjoying new experiences Keep it up both of you Warmest regards Ian Sent from my iPad



  5. Gee hadn’t drawn breath to comment on the last posting. So funny! They were just gearing up for this as we left, last year. Lots of excited chat in the shops and phrases like,” OK then see you after Deco!” So we saw a few early car arrivals. Great pictures and we loved that place.


  6. Great pics, not sure about the Russian? Soldier but love the ladies having tea Thanks for brightening up a dull Sunday morning Ian Sent from my iPad



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