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Flypast, Fireworks and Cake!














MARK: It’s not every day you travel the World. It’s not every day your friends organise a low level fly past, fireworks display and create an amazing cake – to say good bye!

But that is exactly what happened when we were invited down to Bournemouth courtesy of James and Trisha Duckworth. First up on Saturday afternoon the Red Arrows flashed by tipping their wing tips in salute as we stood watching them over the sea. Then as dusk arrived, the sky was lit with a fantastic display of red, gold and silver.

And then we were caught cold. Truly shocked, stunned and humbled.

Invited through from the balcony, we were amazed to see on the table a beautiful cake with many friends gathered around admiring what was a true work of art. But it wasn’t any old cake as the photo shows. It was a brilliant reproduction of our Osprey Back Pack, complete with safety fastening and logo.

For once I was lost for words and it was Sarah who responded with a brilliant “off the cuff” vote of thanks to our generous friends.

Reality is hitting home now – and it all seems a bit strange to say the least.

Nervous – a bit, apprehensive – a bit, excited a lot.

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