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Bailey’s Bush Tucker Trial Boob – just no BROCCOLI!

MARK: You know when you say something and then next day live to regret it? Um, well that’s exactly what’s happened to me. And in the cold light of a grey Frimley Monday morning, perhaps I should just have kept my big mouth shut!

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was shining and the fizz and beer were going down a treat. Guests of the Duckworth’s at their lovely garden party, conversation swiftly turned to international cuisine on our trip and what I was looking forward to eating most. “Street food” was my answer and then for some obscure reason (perhaps to do with the empty bottle in front of me) I asked the group to write down what they would like me to eat as part of a Foodie World Challenge. Big, big mistake!

As you can see from the photos below, some of the items I can do standing on my head – for example a gin in every country. Guinea Pigs I am told are not too bad. Even Kangaroo Penis’s I can handle, (if you pardon the expression) – if well cooked. But Broccoli – OMG! I hate the stuff with a passion, ever since I broke a tooth in Florida ten years ago. That is going to be a real problem.

Any way, if you want to add to my horror list, please feel free to add your food suggestions and I will try and do my best to deliver with a photograph as evidence. Just nothing green please.   IMG_7142 IMG_7143

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