Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore – December

Follow the link to the Route – but move the video on towards the end for this part of the trip:

After 32 days on the road we are looking forward to a few days R&R in southern Thailand, plus time in Penang (Malaysia) and on the beautiful Island of LangKawi….


…. before returning to the hustle and bustle of KL and Singapore and of course a well deserved SS.



2 thoughts on “Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore – December

  1. Peter Hinchliffe

    Hey Marko & Sarah! Love the blog mate.
    I’ve had a quick nose at the SE Asia leg, I’ve done a few of your stops. My recommendations (for what they’re worth) are:
    Thailand – Krabi – got to Riley Beach, nice place and cool restaurants on the “dirtier” side of the peninsular.
    Try and go to PhiPhi – where they filmed The Beach – you can get a day trip from Krabi easily – bring a snorkel.
    When in KL – try the revolving restaurant at the top of the KL Tower – nice lunch there (don’t forget to wear trousers…I forgot.
    If you get a chance or time, Taman Negara (the oldest rainforest in the world) is amazing. They have an amazing rainforest canopy walk and you can also go tubing down the river which is fun. Only downside is you need to get a long boat up into the Jungle…
    When in Sing – go to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and chill out in the Skypark infinity pool on the Roof…very cool. Obviously Raffles hotel for a Singapore sling cocktail too.

    Can’t wait to read more.
    Love Pete, Jess and Brooke!

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