Packing… better get used to it!

SARAH:  Thought it about time that I “wrote” a post, as packing (so I am told) is my domain!!

I now realise how good that salesman in Cotswold Outdoors was.  How on earth will we get all of this into two 15kg back packs?  The biggest challenge though, as you ladies will understand, is the prospect of not having things like a hair dryer, make up and all the little extras that you normally take on a two week holiday.  It’s now hitting home that priorities have shifted from perfume and outfit accessories to mosquito nets, first aid kits and deet!

Thank you to everyone who has provided a range of packing “top tips”.  You can probably see from the photos below that our kit now includes, door stops, duck tape and ear plugs.  However, I am still having a debate with Mark about him taking tennis balls so he can play cricket with the locals in India.

The next time you see all this gear, it will I hope, be safely packed away ready for Joe to take us to T3 at LHR.  Now, back to the challenge.

A few items to pack!

 A few items to pack!


Ready for anything.

 Ready for anything

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11 thoughts on “Packing… better get used to it!

  1. Martin Goodwill

    Bon voyage to both of you. I’m sure reality is setting in but have a wonderful adventure.

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  2. Chris Towers

    Don’t forget the universal sink plug!
    Have a great time.

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  3. andyhamer

    Just one thing you need a backup plan if you lose your luggage!!

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  4. george

    Very exciting guys, you will be well rehearsed packing and unpacking by the time you get to us!. Can i just say Shane takes more product and has longer showers than i do, i also say to the kids wear one wash one can’t take any more, where is your sarong? and get rid of the Doxycycline (no seriously) long light weight pants and socks to prevent mossies. Just some suggestions ,oh and they sell tennis balls in india i am sure, mind you the young indian lads may want to use proper balls!!!! Have a great time . George

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  5. OMG! ! The very, very best of luck. Have a great time. On a day like today what a great time to be thinking, “go on, rain if you must because I soon won’t be here very soon and it just won’t matter!”

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  6. Ian

    I’m eager to know what the four tennis balls are for?

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  7. Helen

    Don’t envy you Sarah! …it looks like a mission from Apollo 13.
    To save space swap DEET for G&T ….well lets face it the gin makes the quinine taste better 🙂
    Seriously though have a great time, happy packing…

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